Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My Poem

Jayden is a blue mini zipping through city and town.

Jayden is a sleepy Bear roaming it's Territory.

Jayden is a small house standing strong and proud.

Jayden is a raspberry marshmallow tender and yum.

Jayden is a pair of blue jeans running not too fast.


  1. Hey Jayden

    Well done for getting the structure of these metaphors sorted correctly. Interesting that you have a range of actions (verbs)...zipping, roaming, standing strong, tender, and running not too fast - I can see how they show different parts of you.

    Well done.

    Whaea Jane

  2. I love your poem. It is so descriptive and so right - I can just see you as a blue mini - and zipping is just the perfect word. You have captured the different parts of "you" and your personality perfectly. Sleepy, small, strong and proud, tender, marshmellow.Perfect! Mum